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ABC Homeopathy
Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH)
American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists
American Institute of Homeopathy
Artsenvereniging voor Homeopathie VHAN
Ärztegesellschaft für Klassische Homöopathie
Asian Homeopathic Medical League (AHML)
Associação Paulista de Homeopatia
Associação Portuguesa de Homeopatia (APH)
Asociación Médica Homeopática Argentina
Asociación Médica Española de Homeopatía y Bioterapia (AMEHB)
Associação Brasileira de Reciclagem e Assistência em Homeopatia (ABRAH)
Associação Médica Homeopática Brasileira
Associazione Italiana Omeopatia (AIO)
Associazione Pazienti Omeopatici (APO)
Australian Association of Professional Homoeopaths
Australian Homoeopathic Association
Beroepsvereniging Homeopaten Klassieke Homeopathie
British Homeopathic Association
British Homeopathic Library
British Institute of Homeopathy (USA Division)
British School of Homoeopathy
Bulgarian Homeopathy Society
Bund Klassischer Homöopathen Deutschlands (BKHD)
Bundesverband Patienten für Homöopathie e.V.
Cámara Argentina de Farmacias Homepáticas
Canada’s One-Stop Homeopathy Network
Canadian Academy of Homeopathy (CAH)
Case for Homeopathy
Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy
Centro de Homeopatía Flores
Česká Komora Klasické Homeopatie
Classical Homeopathy.com
College of Practical Homeopathy
Comité Latinoamericano de Farmacia Homeopática)
Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC)
Council on Homeopathic Education
Dansk Selskab for Klassisk Homøopati
De homeopathie website van Rob van Vroenhoven
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Klassische Homöopathie
Deutscher Zentralverein Homöopathischer Ärzte e.V.
Dietrich-Berndt-Institut zur Förderung der Homöopathie
Društvo homeopata u Bosni i Hercegovini
Escuela Médica Homeopática Argentina
Escuela Nacional de Medicina y Homeopatía
European Committee for Homeopathy
European Council of Classical Homeopathy (ECCH)
Faculty of Homeopathy
Federación de Asociaciones Médicas Homeopáticas Argentinas
Federación Española de Médicos Homeópatas
Federazione Italiana delle Associazioni e dei Medici Omeopati (FIAMO)
Fundación Médica Homeopática Vitalis
George Vithoulkas Stiftung für Klassischen Homöopathie
Grupo de Estudos Homeopáticos Samuel Hahnemann - GEHSH
Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst
Hahnemannia - Deutscher Verband für Homöopathie und Lebenspflege
Hippocratic Center of Classical Homeopathy (HCCH)
HealthEcho.com - Homeopathy
HealthWorld Online - Homeopathy Center
Hellenic Homeopathic Medical Society (H.H.M.S.)
Hellenic Homeopathic Web Page
Hom-Inform Database
Homéopathe International
Homéopathes du Monde
Homéopathes Sans Frontières
Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians
Homeopathic Centre
Homeopathic College of Canada
Homeopathic Educational Services
Homeopathic Medical Association
Homeopathic Medical Association of Canada (HMAC)
Homeopathic Medical Council of Canada (HMCC)
Homeopathic Nurses' Association
Homoeopathic Online Education
Homeopathic Timeline
Homéopathie Française (Fedération Nationale des Sociétés Médicales Homéopathiques de France)
Homeopathy: The North American Society of Homeopaths
Homeopathy Action Trust
Homeopathy Australia
Homeopathy FAQ
Homeopathy from WholeHealthNow
Homeopathy Home
Homeopathy Internet Resources
Homeopathy Mailing List
Homeopathy Malaysia
Homeopathy Odessa Globules
Homeopatia Brasileira - IHB (Instituto Hahnemanniano do Brasil)
Homeoweb Dot Net
Homoeopathic Association of South Africa (HSA)
Homoeopathic Research and Charities
Homoeopathy: Homoeopathy India Foundation
Homoeopathy Japan Co.
Homöopathie - Internationales Portal Homöopathischer Ärzte
Homöopathie Verband Schweiz
Hpathy - Homeopathy for Everyone!
Institute for Research in Homeopathic Information and Symptomatology (IRHIS)
Institut National Homéopathique Français
Institut für Geschichte der Medizin der Robert Bosch Stiftung
Institute of Classical Homoeopathy
Instituto Hahnemanniano do Brasil
International Academy of Classical Homeopathy
International Heilkunst Association
International Register of Consultant Herbalists and Homoeopaths
Intute: Health and Life Sciences - browse Homeopathy
Irish Society of Homeopaths
Israeli Association for Classical Homeopathy
Istituto di Ricerca Medico Scientifica Omeopatica (IRMSO)
Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association
Klassische Homöopathie
Klassiske Homøopaters Forening
Koninklijke Vereniging Homeopathie Nederland
Krasnodar Regional Homeopathic Center
Liga Homeopathica Classica
Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LMHI)
Magyar Homeopata Orvosi Egyesület
Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association (MRHP)
MedlinePlus: Complementary and Alternative Medicine
National Center for Homeopathy
National United Professional Association of Trained Homeopaths (Canada)
Nederlandse Vereniging van Klassiek Homeopaten (NVKH)New Zealand Council of Homeopaths
New Zealand Homoeopathic Society
Nordiska Akademin för Klassisk Homeopati
Norsk Homøopatisk Pasientforening
Norske Homeopaters Landsforbund
North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH)
Omeoimo.it - Istituto di Medicina Omeopatica
OmeoLink - Centro Studi Medicina Omeopatica
Online Homeopathic Resource (OLNE)
Organisation Médicale Homéopathique Internationale (OMHI)
Organization of Classical Homeopathy
Österreichische Gesellschaft für Homöopathische Medizin (OGHM)
Pacific Academy of Homeopathy
Polskie Towarzystwo Homeopatii i Homotoksykologi
Prince of Wales' Foundation for Integrated Medicine
Pro Homeopathia
Schweizerischer Verein Homöopathischer Aerztinnen und Aerzte
Similia - Pagina de Homeopatia e Editora Organon
Skandinavisk Institutt for Klassisk Homeopati (SIKH)
Slovensko Homeopatsko Društvo
Sociedade Homeopática de Portugal
Società Italiana di Medicina Omeopatica
Societatea Româna de Homeopatie
Société de Perfectionnement en Homéopathie
Society for the Establishment of Research in Classical Homeopathy (SERCH)
Society of Homeopaths
Stichting Homeopatische Opleidingen (SHO)
Suomen Homeopaatit ry
Svenska Akademin för Klassisk Homeopati (SAKH)
Swiss Homeopathy Society
Syndicat de la Médecine Homéopathique
Syndicat National des Médecins Homéopathes Français
Travelling Homoeopaths Collective
Udruženje za Klasučnu Homeopatiju "Hahnemann"
Unio Homeopathica Belgica
Verband Klassischer Homöopathen Deutschlands e.V. (WKHD)
Verband Klassischer HomöopathInnen
Verein zur Förderung der Homöopathie & Gesundheit
Verein zur Förderung der Klassischen Homöopathie (VFKH)
Whole Health Now
World Electro Homoepathic Organisation

Electronic Journals

DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals - Health Sciences
Free Medical Journals

Acta Homœopathica Argentinensia
American Homeopath
American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine
Health and Homeopathy
Homéopathe International Journal
Homeopathy (Formerly British Homeopathic Journal)
Homeopathy in Practice
Homeopathy Today (Members only)
Homoeopathic Links RSS Feed
Journal d' Homéopathe International
Medico Omeopata
NASH News: The Newsletter of NASH
National Journal of Homoeopathy
New England Journal of Homeopathy
Revista de Homeopatia
Revista Española de Homeopatía
Revista Homeopatia Brasileira
Revista Homeopàtica
Revista Médica de Homeopatía
Revista Mundo Homeópata
Revue Belge d'Homoeopathie
Similia (Australia)
Similia (Italy)

Electronic Books


Hpathy E-Library 4 Homeopathic Books
Homeopathy Home Books Online

The Beginnerís Guide to Homeopathy
Chronic Diseases (Samuel Hahnemann: Presented by Médi-T 1998)
Cleave's Biographical Cyclopædia of Homoeopathic Physicians and Surgeons (Egbert Cleave - Presented by Sylvain Cazalet - 2002)
The Complete Repertory (Roger van Zandvoort)
Demystifying Homeopathy: A Concise Guide to Homeopathic Medicine - Jacob I. Mirman (1999)
Essentials of Homoeopathic Materia Medica and Homoeopathic Pharmacy (Willis Alonzo DEWEY, M. D.:Médi-T - 2002)
First Lessons in the Symptomatology of Leading Homoeopathic Remedies (Hugo R. Arndt, M. D.: Médi-T 1999)
Gunpowder as a War Remedy (1915) By John Henry Clarke, M.D. - Presented by Dr Robert Séror
Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine (Web Edition - 1997)
The History of the Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital (Peter Morrell & Sylvain Cazalet - 2000)
History of the London Homoeopathic Hospital (Peter Morrell & Sylvain Cazalet - 1999)
The history of homeopathy in the Russian Empire until World War I, as compared with other European countries and the USA: similarities and discrepancies (Alexander Kotok, M.D. - 1999)
Homéopathe International - Books Online
Homéopathes Sans Frontières-France
Homeopathic Family Medicine
Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States (HPCUS)
Homeopathic Remedies: An Illustrated Guide (Médi-T 2001)
Homeopathy: Beyond Flat Earth Medicine (Dr Timothy R Dooley)
Homeopathy - More Than a Cure (Jiri Cehovsky - 1994)
Homepathy Dictionary of Homeopathic Medical Words
Homoeopathic Materia Medica (William BOERICKE, M.D: Médi-T 2000)
Homoeopathy Explained (John Henry Clarke, M. D.: Médi-T 2002)
How to use The Repertory - with a Practical Analysis of Forty Homeopathic Remedies (Glen Irving Bidwell, M.D. - 1999)
Modern Understanding of Homeopathic Medicine
New, Old And Forgotten Remedies - Edward Pollock Anshutz (1900) Presented by Dr Robert Séror
Opportunities for homeopathy in the New NHS
Pioneers of homeopathy (Dr Thomas Lindsey Bradford) presented by Dr R. Séror (2002)
Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica (Kent J.T.: Presented by Médi-T 1998)
Skeptic's Dictionary - Homeopathy

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